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Meet Apostle Joseph Hellon

  • Apostle. Musician. Author. Entrepreneur

Apostle Joseph Hellon is an anointed teacher of the Word of God who operates in the prophetic ministry of Jesus Christ. He is gifted in the area of deliverance, miracles, healings, and operates at a very high level in the gift of wisdom.


He is especially called to minister to the Body of Christ in the area of worship, being an accomplished classically trained musician and a jazz maestro. He has recorded over forty-three songs and is a prolific song writer. He is a worship leader and ushers people into the place of intimate worship of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


Apostle Joseph Hellon is married to Kuyu Hellon and they are blessed with two wonderful children – Derore and Misgab Hellon. As a marriage counsellor and a man called to minister directly to the family unit, he has helped heal, restore and enrich many marriages across the globe. He believes and teaches that the first church is the family, and the first members are the family household. He teaches young people on the biblical approach towards courtship and marriage, using the unique revelation of God’s Word granted to him by the Holy Spirit. He has seen many get married and enjoy love and family fulfilment as a result of his mentorship, messages and teachings.

He has been running a successful ministry called Way to the Aisle which is tailor-made to coach and prepare those wanting to get married for the institution of marriage.

Revelation of the Word of God

Apostle Joseph Hellon uniquely brings meaning out of Scriptures and makes them practical for day-to-day life. His uncommon approach to Hebrew and Greek as sources of original truth has seen him open the eyes of those hungry for truth world over. He especially emphasizes and teaching that lasting deliverance can only be achieved through knowledge of the revealed Word of God.

He also teaches that the revealed Word of God is His (God’s) healing virtue. He emphasizes the fact that the only standard for life and living is the revealed Word of God.


Apostle Joseph Hellon believes and teaches that the church must be prosperous and financially buoyant if the Gospel is to be preached to all the nations of the earth. As a successful entrepreneur is music, education and real estate, he teaches how God’s children can be rich and prosperous through the Word of God. Some of his entrepreneurial interests are in aviation, hospitality, agriculture, gemstones, fashion, publishing, music production, public speaking, speech therapy, motivation, media and politics.

Apostle Joseph Hellon runs The Finger of God Ministries International which is a unique blend of the preached Gospel of Jesus Christ and business. The Finger of God Ministries International is registered in the Republic of Kenya, but mandated to operate in any nation of the world. He also runs an online ministry called Trapeza Media as the host and podcaster. His messages can be found on YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

His mission as a minister of the Gospel is to reveal Jesus and His Word bringing salvation, healing, deliverance and peace to the earth.