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    One key to a happy life, relationship, or marriage is to do what is NEEDED

    Don’t follow your feelings. If your partner needs a hug, just give it to them. If they need to sleep, lul them to sleep. If they need encouragement, go ahead and encourage them. Don’t wait till you feel like it. If you need to wake up early to go make money, just do it. Never do what you like. Do what’s right and what works, and you’ll end up liking it when you see its results. Wise people don’t operate by what they like. They operate by what is NEEDED and what WORKS. Have you ever sat down and honestly asked what your partner needs? Do you do what you need and like hoping that your partner likes it too? That’s idiocy. Nothing will work till you take attention away from yourself and focus it on your partner’s NEEDS!

    Phi 2:3 EasyEnglish You must not do only the things that you want. You should not do anything only for the reason that it makes you seem more important than other people. Instead, always think about what other people need. Do not think that you are better than other people. But think about other people as better than you.

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