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Notes On Marriage – Apostle Joseph Hellon


The grace of life is a divine enablement to live and to give life. Without it, nothing would reproduce, and creation wouldn’t thrive. God has given the grace of life to husbands and wives. This is not only because they produce children but also because they sustain family life and are custodians of all creation.

For the grace of life to operate according to God’s will, husbands, who are mandated with family leadership, must first realise that they live with delicate people. The wife is presented as a delicate being that needs nurturing. Without this approach, the grace of life cannot be appropriated in the family.

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Recall that marriage is sex. If you have sex with someone who isn’t your wife, you’ll have fornicated. If it’s someone else’s spouse, you’ll have committed adultery. Fornication is Porno if done by a man and Porne if done by a woman. These are the words from which we get ‘pornography’.

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