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    Everyone is born with the potential to shine. What makes one shine is the amount of wisdom they have mustered. When you rally your intellect and muster courage to apply it, you will shine in everything you do.

    Wisdom is a product of faith. It comes by hearing and it’s appropriated by speech and actualized by application. If you hear what’s right and you say the same, and if you apply or act on what you’ve spoken, you shall have acted in wisdom.

    When you practice what you’ve said over and over again, you develop a higher level of wisdom. The more time to give to practice, the more excellent you’ll be. The more excellence you exude, the greater your wisdom.

    The one who radiates and evinces wisdom shines. Never veto or conceal your superior abilities. It’s in the expression of your knowledge and expertise that you’ll shine. It’s in shining that you’ll be known and it’s in your visibility that you’ll convert your skills to revenue.

    Pro 12:8 KJV A man shall be commended according to his wisdom: but he that is of a perverse heart shall be despised.

    The word ‘commended’ above is the Hebrew ‘Halal’ and it means to shine, to be visible in a superior sense, to be praised and to have something to boast about. The word ‘wisdom’ there is the Hebrew ‘Sakal’ and it means to be prudent, circumspect and to have good success.

    When you study, practice and diligently apply what you’ve practiced, you’ll shine, you’ll be praised, you’ll be highly visible and you’ll have good success. Now that’s recipe for prosperity and a good fortune.

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